1. Is this course good for backyard or commercial growers?

Both. This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of aquaponics that relate to both garden and commercial growing. The science and operational techniques apply to both methods, however there are sections in the course that give you a deeper knowledge in commercial operations that is specifically designed for commercial application but is useful to any size system.

2. Does this course teach you how to design an aquaponic system?

Yes. There is a complete section in the course that will teach you the basic steps of designing both a small commercial aquaponics system and a backyard system. The free calculator tool helps you put theory into practice using an excel sheet calculator.

3. How long does it take to finish this course?

The course consists of approximately 2 hours of videos, plus quizzes and handouts. Most students finish the course within 1 to 3 week period.

4. How long will I have access to this course after signing up?

There is no expiration date to your enrollment once you sign up for the course. You will have lifetime access to the course once you sign up.

5. How do I get to ask questions?

You can use the questions and comments tool within the course sections to ask questions to the instructors and other students. Most questions are answered within a 24 hour period. 

6. How does this course compare to other online courses?

This course is specifically designed to give you the how to's of running an aquaponics system. It has content that will be applicable to both commercial and hobby growers. This course is well suited for someone who has no understanding of aquaponics and want to learn more or someone who is a novice or intermediate in the art of growing with aquaponics and want to learn the in depth intricacies of operating a successful aquaponics facility.

7. What is the design calculator and how can I use it?

The design calculator is a free excel based tool that will calculate the most important design parameters of an aquaponics system including water and fish quantities, filtration system sizing, pumps and water circulation measurements, air circulation requirements etc. In the course you will learn how to use the calculator and how it could you validate your existing design or create a new one from scratch.